Saturday, 9 July 2011

Building A Better Waaagh Banner (Part 1)

Just a quick we update and apologies about picture quality

Waaagh Banners are a very important role within ork society, and only the strongest and biggest will ever have the opportunity to carry it into battle. Which made me think size is very important when it comes to nobs so it's only natural to assume that the biggest would ever carry such a banner.

As the nob box set doesn't give you one the natural option was for me to include the old metal style which is a timeless classic.

Also to include the old metal war boss as he is bigger than the plastic nobs from the box set he really does stand out amongst the crowd.

He is actually my old war boss that I have converted, his arms were very tricky to do as they need to be bigger which in turn gives him overall bulk,
so I used plastic ogre arms that I had lying around and overall I think they've turned out very well.

He's also probably going to be equipped with the power claw on his left arm although I still haven't decided exactly how I am going to do it.

Make sure you leave some comments and suggestions
if you have any idea and what you would like to see?

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