Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My New X-wing GF9 Frozen Planet Gaming Mat Product Review.

We played my first game last night with our new GF9 mat, I must admit it really does make a difference, and my youngest son couldn't resist playing with his Lego Star Wars on it, at the end of the night. At £30 it's not exactly cheap but, I do think it add's alot more to the game. Also a quick search on the Internet and you can easily find other companies are doing similar mat's, so there is lots of alternatives online to see. I have to ask myself the question, would I recommend this one? It certainly ticks all the boxes, it's not exactly cheap as stated above, but it's made of good quality vinyl, the colour is very bright, it's, wet erasable, durable, and in full color. So all in all I would highly recommend it.

You can easily tell that he means business.

His Lego is somewhat out of scale but who cares.

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