Friday, 31 January 2014

It's Time for My Forge World Ork 40k Battle Fortress To Pass It's Next MOT.

Where do I start, I suppose from the very beginning. I originally got this model back in 2003 when I visited warhammer world with a friend for a doubles tournament, probably the most expensive model I have ever purchased at £185, but it was a special occasion, and that's where the story goes cold, because in all that time it has simply just been abandoned never completed by my big Mek. But recently A local rival Mek has been on the scene, building ever so bigger creations for the ork Gods. And not wanting to be upstaged, it was about time that this superheavy saw some action on the table top. Plus my war boss needed his own personal battlewagon, and hopefully this will fit the bill.

With all this talk about super heavy and escalation, it's about time that I got this bad boy to pass, it's next MOT. So over the next couple of days, I will be posting up as many pics as physically possible with all my progress. 

I've decided I am going to magnetize all the turrets, as it will make it easier in game.

It's about time I worked on the lucky guy who is going to be the driver.

This forge world model is now discontinued and are no longer available, as I at one stage was hoping this is the design that they would use when the model was updated with a plastic kit, sadly that wasn't the case.


  1. looking forward to seeing this behemoth in action!

  2. This conversion is super imposing!
    I wonder as this will end, I see you've already thinking about equipped with interchangeable part, it's a good think.
    Good continuation


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