Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Proposed rules for the North Down Blood Bowl League Season 1

Good Evening Sports Fans And Welcome to the Proposed rules for the 
New North Down Blood Bowl League Season 1

In my experience to start things off it's better to have shorter seasons. If we have 4 players I'd make it a 4 game season where each team plays each other team once and then you go into the play-offs. Top four teams make the play-offs, bottom two play a consolation game. This becomes even more important if you are going to continue with the same teams for the next season.

The Blood Bowl League
Winner - 20,000 per game
All players get an MVP (5 SPP's)
Entry - The top 2 teams in the League

League Records
Most Casualties Most Touchdowns
Longest Win streak
Longest Losing Streak
Biggest Gate
Highest Winnings
Biggest Win

The Spike Magazine! Trophy
Winner - Gets +2 to Gate rolls while they hold the trophey
Player with top SPP in the league gets Fan Favourite Skill permanently
Entry - 3rd in the league play 4th

(Chaos Cup) September
Winner - D3 Random players get Mutation, Hypnotic Gaze, Stab or Regeneration
Entry - All coaches enter 1 of their sides

The Dungeonbowl (December)
Winners - Allowed to hire a Wizard for 50,000 instead of the usual 150,000
Entry - All coaches enter 1 of their sides

N.D.B.B.L Hall Of Fame
Players will be entered into the N.D.B.B Hall Of Fame when they become a Star Player reaching 26 Star Player Points

I am also keen to hear from anyone that his more experience in running a Blood Bowl league,  that can show me in the right direction.

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