Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thank You As My Blog Hits The BIG 50 Members Mark

So Why Is It So Important?

Today is the day that my blog hits the 50 members Mark, and I must admit it hasn't been an easy achievement, considering my blog in February is only going to be one year old, which makes me wonder why is it so important, well from the start it wasn't, but as time has passed is nice to know that you do have certain followers that seem to enjoy what you're actually doing.

All too often people's bloggs take over there hobby and in some way blogging regularly can actually take away your hobby time if you let it, and after all that's not the reason why we blog. It's also great for me to reminisce and look back at the projects that I have done over the last few months, also I'm finding that I am already accumulating future posts with the projects that I am working on at the minute, which means I have an endless supply of material, which can only be a good thing, trying to think a little bit in advance.

Hopefully in the future I'm going to update my blogger template that I'm currently using that will be a little bit more user-friendly as I am finding that as time passes the content that I have accumulated sometimes is being missed, so hopefully that might help, make people check out more pages within my blog.

So what I hope to achieve within the next 50 members

1.Well a new blogger template for my site as stated above

2. I'm also thinking about setting up a blog hub to showcasing all the local blogs in Ireland and beyond.

3. Get more people blogging locally

For me this is the biggest challenge as I constantly see people posting endlessly on forums, and they don't seem to take the next step into blogging, which I must admit I was one of them. So where do I start well hopefully the first 2 might help, so on the whole it's been a long journey to get where I am today, but I think I'm getting there.

So once again a big thank you and a big welcome to the next 50.


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