Sunday, 27 November 2011

Annihilation At Arkham 40k tournament Army Pics.

So I know the posts have been a bit light on the ground recently, but all for a good reason as, I attended a 40K tournament over the course of this weekend, with a mixed bag of results.

All of which will be highlighted in a future post, but for this one I thought I would show some of the armies that were on display and I played against over the weekend.

Arkham Gaming Centre is proud to host this Warhammer 40K tournament, run in conjunction with Jonny Fisher. This 2 day ranking 1750 point tournament will allow the best 40K players in Ireland North & South to make war across the tabletop.

One of the nicest SM armies on display over the weekend it just goes to show what can be achieved when you put a little bit of effort into your army and how well it looks on the table. 

It's good to see that someone being a little bit more adventurous with Imperial guard taking blog

 GN were heavily in attendance this weekend, especially when it came to those dreadnoughts

SM army list with quite some devastating firepower at its disposal, and it just so happened to be my first opponent on day 1.

  Eldar always been a bit of a problem for me in the past, and it was no exception at this tournament, as I played this list in my game 3 game on day 1 , only to have victory snatched in the last turn by a tank shocking Falcon. Lesson learnt on this one.

Another opponent of mine on day 2 game 4, and probably the toughest list I fought over the course of the weekend, from start to finish it was all up hill for me and my opponent played extremely well, although at the end it was very close, and I could have easily won, holding more objectives if I had a little bit more luck.
but credit where credit is due for my opponent on winning.

This was the final game of the tournament day 2 game 5 Chaos SM for me pretty simple and straight forward although having 2 Demon Princes with lash you can never get too comfortable, but as always Stewart was a brilliant opponent.

Yes you're quite right and that is 1750 on the table of GN .

 Dark Eldar as always doing the rounds at the minute.

Well for me it was a brilliant weekend coming 5th overall and winning best painted army, which I hope to post soon and if any of my opponents are reading this blog thanks for the great games and hopefully will meet soon on the tabletop, where I can dish out some revenge if I lost, only kidding.

 Thank you to all the staff at Aakham as well as Johnny and AJ for organising and running things.

So until next time?


  1. Those are some nice Mud Angels on top, aside from the scrum of infantry.

  2. Thats more than a Scrum, its a full flown sea. Nice pics Tom, Least this Event you didn't have to play me :P


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