Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Annihilation At Arkham 40k Tournament Game 1 Space Marines

From the start I'm not into making blow by blow accounts of what happened, as I generally find it quite boring, so this battle report is mainly just describing what is happening in the pictures and anything that happened of interest which in turn sets the scene for the games that I played in a tournament.

This is my first opponent of the day- Space Marines

Pitched battle, Primary mission Capture and control, Secondary mission is Kill Points.

Nathan Cooper is quite new to the tournament scene over here and a regular to Lisburn Gaming Club so I could tell from the start he was a bit nervous, but remembering my first tournament I tried my best to put him at ease.

Deployment was pretty simple and straightforward as I was going first, I deployed everything in the middle. Although I did keep my rocket Buggies on the flanks, as I might need to combat some armour.

As always the first couple of turns in any game is me simply just running forward trying to put as many target
in front of my opponent to deal with as possible.

Seeing where the majority of threats were positioned I manoeuvred my buggy  to give much-needed fire power on the hope of blowing up some enemy tanks on the hope of getting some Marines out into the open, which in turn would mean I'd be able to get my Boyz into the combat.

 Because I knew where everything was I just kept moving forward and by sheer weight of numbers the cracks started to show in the enemy's battle plan. As I pretty much made it  across-the-board unscathed.

 My Buggy on the left flank were causing havoc,as they managed to destroy a weapon on one of the Razorbacks, which is always a good thing.

 It was the same story on the other side as I managed to get them into much-needed cover on my opponents turn, also I had positioned three in the middle which could easily be manoeuvred to either side of the table to give units for my opponent to deal with, all of which is designed to make sure that my Killer Kans and boys see combat.

 I think you can see the difference a turn can make in how effective my army is moving forward

By this stage it was pretty much all over as I had successfully pretty much dominated the middle ground and all that was left for me to do is to mop up little bits and pieces of resistance.

 In the above picture I was also lucky to assault several vehicles in the same turn with one squad.

 Seeing a golden opportunity I managed to get into assault with a dreadnought, although when it came to actually killing it it was a little bit more difficult, as the combat seemed to drag on for several turns.

Things were pretty much in the bag and I was well on my way to a 20-0 victory.

This was the final picture that I took of the centre just a few more things to destroy and victory was achieved.

-Final thoughts-
This was a simple straightforward game  my opponent found it very difficult to deal with everything that was in front of him, although I must say Nathan I think learnt a lot by this game, learning to be a little bit more aggressive in his play, something that I think he will do in the future.

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