Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My 40k ork speed freak's tournament 1850pts list for 6th

So most recently I have decided to play with the below list, with some good results so far, and with a 40k tournament coming up on the 20.01.13, I think I might go ahead and use it. 

From the start it all really hinges on whether or not you get to go 1st, as it's quite scary. With having 6 trucks at your disposal, it really doesn't hang around, and can easily get into your enemies deployment zone very quickly from turn 1.

So here it is in all its glory

+ HQ + (140pts)

    * Warboss (140pts)
        Bosspole, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Slugga, Warbike

+ Elites + (405pts)

    * Nobz (405pts)
        * Nob
            Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Bosspole, Choppa, Slugga, Warbike
        * Nob
            Bosspole, Power Klaw, Slugga, Waagh Banner, Warbike

+ Troops + (942pts)

    6x* Ork Boyz (157pts)
        * 12x Boy
            12x Shootas
        * Nob
            Bosspole, Power Klaw
        * Trukk
            Big Shoota, Boarding Plank, Reinforced Ram

+ Fast Attack + (360pts)

    3x* Dakkajet (120pts)
        (Waagh! Plane)
        2 Twin-linked supa shootas, Additional twin-linked supa shoota

Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)

Below I will post up some pics of the game's that I played most recently against 2 friends of mine playing Imperial guard.

 Also it manages to put out an extreme amount of firepower from the boys in the trucks, as they successfully do drive-by shootings, it is probably the bit I love the most seeing your opponents face.

Also the Warboss and his nob bikers which can easily pretty much go toe to toe with anything that they might come across, and not forgetting about my 3 Dakkajet's overhead coming in on turn 2. 

so when you put that altogether hopefully it can be very effective and catch my opponent off guard.

Well that's the idea anyway because as you well know being and 40k ork player sometimes it doesn't exactly go to plan, but as always I would love to hear some feedback.

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