Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Updating Hero Quest Fimir Miniatures And Fluff That Will Help Give Them A Little Bit More Character

So a little while ago I managed to finally get round to updating these models, and as you can see I have managed to incorporate some chaos bits and pieces. Which I think gives them a little bit more theme. also I have managed to dig around for some fluff on the Internet so take a minute and read it for yourself.

The Fimir inhabit the wetlands of the Warhammer world, typically within crudely constructed fortifications resembling nothing more than a pile of rocks. From these locations, the Fimir raid the homes of humans, taking captives for daemonic sacrifices. The Fimir loathe sunlight, and are followed by wreaths of mist to shield them from it, and their homes are always shrouded by it.

Fimir society is divided into a caste system, consisting of Meargh, the Dirach, the warriors, and the Shearl. The Meargh - also known as witch-hags - are the leaders of Fimir colonies, as well as the only females. A Meargh would typically also be a very powerful user of magic. The Dirach - described as "daemon-friends" - are a caste of wizards specialising in the worshipping of Daemons. 

The warrior caste - consisting of Fimm (warriors), Fianna Fimm (elite warriors), and the various nobles - take the brunt of raiding and fighting. The Shearls - the slaves of a Fimir settlement - exist only to work and die. The ruling Meargh hold the clans together. In the event of a Meargh's death, the Fimir of her stronghold separate, either working as mercenaries for other evil creatures or seeking out another clan to join. However the Meargh is sterile and therefore unable to breed. So as to replenish their numbers the Fimir kidnap young fertile human women to use as breeding stock.

So there you have it with progress so far, and hopefully this fluff will help give a little bit of character to these creatures.

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  1. Inspirational idea - I need to see whether I have any of these that my twelve year old self didn't ruin...


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