Saturday, 18 June 2011

Exactly How Much Of This Hobby Do We Enjoy

With a tournament within the next week at the minute I'm assembling and painting the models involved, and a simple question entered my mind do we actually enjoy our hobby it all seems endless painting modeling collecting isn't all too much like hard work just to get the end result of a painted army, just thought I would ask the question. Exactly how much of this hobby do we enjoy, Or is the end result the goal that we all work to and the journey in between the bits that we all hate with a passion.

1. Browsing models: Fun but only models that are painted well by gamers
2. Buying models: no one surely finds this Fun
3. Building/painting models: wouldn't exactly call this fun of more like a necessity at times
4. Converting models: for me probably the best bit of the Hobby
5. List building; a real headache at times
6. Being a part of forums; EnjoyableLooking at MY painted army: HELLA FUN!
7. Looking at others painted armies: Fun if well-painted/converted.
8. PlayingGames: sometimes I really do wonder whether or not I do enjoy it
9. Tournament : time will tell when I go
10. Creating stories for my armies: Fun
11. Reading others stories: Not so fun

I guess I enjoy most of it.

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