Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Thank You All For 3349 Pageviews Last Month, So What Makes My Blog Different!

I just thought I would take the time to thank everyone for the amount of page views last month, as I was taken back by surprise when I checked. It seems that people do blogs for different reasons, mine set out at the start to be an extension of my hobby, a way to showcase what I was currently doing and have already done, but it seems this turned out to be much more than that, from all the comments that I receive and requests for more updates it really has taken on a life of its own.

Well there's plenty of people blogging online that seemed to write endless text about codexes tactics etc, and while that seems all very well, I want my blog to be more hobby related, as well as being able to look back on the projects that I have done recently, I wasn't expecting anyone to read or see any of that, but that has been the biggest surprise because, more importantly it's turned out to be a tool for gamers to stumble across which in turn might give some help or inspiration in my own little way to the gaming community.

October  page views onward and upward
I suppose my blog is what I would like to see on the Internet, so if I make it in that image I know it will only go from strength to strength, and the bonus is, that you guys seem to read and enjoy it. Which makes it all worthwhile, knowing it inspires someone somewhere to do something a little bit different than everyone else.

I have still plenty of ideas and things that I want to show and share, but your support is definitely the biggest motivation for me to continue.

So once again a big Thank you.


  1. Because it is very yellow !!! ;)

    Well done bud, keep it up :)


  2. The pleasure is entirely ours.
    Thank you.

  3. Your Welcome...LOL!!!
    All joking aside...Thank for all the great post and for sharing your work with us.

  4. Well done! I'm constantly encouraged by people visiting my blog, and more so when there are comments, as it makes it feel less like I'm sitting talking to myself!

    You put out some great posts last month! lets see if you can keep it up! :)


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