Monday, 24 September 2012

Hero Quest, The Game That Started It All For Me.

So from the very start this post isn't about educating the world, it is just me talking about what started it all off. And if you've ever played/owned a copy of the game then you'll know exactly what I'm going to talk about, and for those that don't then hopefully you might go and get yourself one, as you can still pick them up on eBay for next to nothing, and there is no better tool at your disposal if you have children. it's perfect to introduce them to hobby gaming.

So I'm going to set the scene away back in 1989 when times was grey, and everything seemed very depressed, until this arrived with a TV advert. So from that second I knew it had to be mine, and within a few days it was a day trip to Belfast city centre with my mum, where it had to be purchased. Over time, I managed to collect all the supplements,and  looking back you probably wouldn't have that much long-term interest from modern-day kids, but back then it was slightly different for me as there is no such thing as a computer game.

My 2 sons are eager to get things underway
Which takes me to today as my 2 young sons are getting old enough for me to play with them and that's something I'm going to do more often as we have decided that we're going to work our way through all the books one by one. So with that in mind, I finally decided that I'm going to update and paint all the models from this classic age board game. So check out my pics to see what progress I have made so far and no game would be complete without the heroes taking centre stage.

I have decided to keep everything more colourful after all you're trying to appeal to kids.

After all you cannot forget about the HQ furniture which makes the game looks so well.

I am going to look at eBay to see if I can get some of the classic 1980 Citadel miniatures, as I think they will be perfect and fit nicely with the overall theme.

So there you have it my little trip down memory you know what so in time. I will be updating my progress of what I'm currently working on and who knows some of you guys might pick up a copy. It's not always about the big game's like WFB and 40k that enable you to get your hobby kick.

So hopefully in time you will be inspired to get your set. 

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  1. Dude!!! damn!!!! 2012, don't know if you'll read this, but what a fucking amazing job you did there, congratulations man.


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