Sunday, 2 September 2012

Are my orks going to be a wrecking ball in 6th edition.

 Honestly, I think time will tell, if they got quite a bit better in the jump from 5th to 6th. Sure, they lost out on some of their nastier tricks (Kommandos off the back board edge have been a thorn in everyone's side in my local gaming group), but they also got a ton of boosts:  plus it will give me an opportunity to finish off some projects that have been lying dormant for a while, and time to start new ones.

So let's look at what things currently stand out.

1. Bikes get toughness 5 as a base value now, Nob Bikers can take all kinds of punishment (a lot of guns just became way, way less useful for dealing with them)

2. Minor point, but Nobz in general became cheaper and easier to manage since wound shenanigans no longer requires differentiated wargear

3. Orks became the kings of snapshots, since the entire army is based around putting out a ton of shots at low BS - a squad of Lootas or Shootas getting overwatch is a terrifying sight to behold

4. Big Guns are now very, very durable, and with Kans becoming fairly lackluster, Ork players might have a new unit to fill up Heavy support slots.

5. Dakkajet is a flyer. 'Nuff said.

Honestly, what's made me happy about all this is that in terms of cover saves, every army has been brought up to the Orks' level. No more 4+ saves spammed across the board, everyone and their mother has to deal with having only a 5+ save, which the Orks have had to live with for years. While it's true that Orks did get hurt a bit by the assault rules (though really, people make way more fuss about overwatch than I think they should),

I think the new edition really opened up a lot of options that just weren't very viable back in 5th. Lootas, Nob Bikers, Big Guns, and of course the Dakkajet being a flyer made the Ork codex a real force to be reckoned with. So ultimately in time I will tell you all about it when I get a few more game's under my belt.


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