Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My New Warboss And Nob Biker Conversions Part 2

Well it looks like the end is near in sight, and the unit is about 90% complete and I have made a few changes, to a couple of things. So I wonder who's going to be the first one to notice what they are.
I think this is the best bit of the hobby that I really like, is when you start to see your project come to life as it's nearing completion, because for some strange reason it all seems to come together.


 I have also expanded the nob squad to 7 which I'm hoping to have ready for my next tournament.

I originally did a different banner but I think this one is more in keeping with the unit over all.

From the back you can never have too many trophies, that's what it's all about, although I don't know why he has a spanner as if, he would fix anything anyway.

I decided to add another PK to the unit as it will give much needed punch, in CC.

I've also added the units pain boy and his saw is probably the best bit.

And if you have any project yourselves that you need help with by all means make contact.

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