Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wargaming Ireland An Irish wargaming podcast episode 2

So the guys from wargaming Ireland have just recently did the second episode of there podcast so make sure you take the time and check it out, as they delve a little deeper into the gaming scene in Ireland as a whole.

And since my blog got a little bit of a plug on the show recently, I thought it was only fair that I returned the favour, So make sure you take the time and check out Paul and the gang at.

In this episode

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 Attack of the Podcast, Wargaming Ireland's latest podcast installment. This month we have regulars Nigel and Paul, newbie Elliot and a very special guest Greg Farrell. This month we talk about what we've gotten up to over the last month, we cover the new GW releases, The Empire and the Citadel Paint Range as well as Greg's overview of everything infinity. We did have a few technical issues this month but hopefully it doesn't show up too much. Enjoy.

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