Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Converted Necromunda: House Van Saar Gang.

Did these a little while ago and have recently did a little bit more work, on them so hopefully I'll get them finished and will post up some more pics. Me and a friend are going to start playing Necromunda very soon, so if anybody has any advice, as I am a complete (Noob) in regards to the game, which in turn will hopefully get me started.


  1. Those are seriously cool - great work!

  2. Those are the best Van Saar I've ever seen, for the details and the posing most of all, but also for the range of parts. They're still true to the GW form and context, but for me you've taken that base set of bits way beyond what they were.

  3. What made you decide to convert them like that? Have any idea of how you want to paint them? You know the ones with little splodges of paint, was that from the models you converted them from, or were you testing colours out on them?

    I'm actually working on a miniature project of my own, some originals designed by me, some converted games workshop miniatures, and then some original games workshop miniatures. If you don't mind, check it out some time and tell me what you think. My latest post is about painting three of my miniatures. Not too sure how I should go about it, and feel I could do with a few tips.

    Nathan's Fiction Sphere


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