Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Necromunda 40k Hive World Scenery Update 2

I managed to get a little bit more done today, with painting textured paint on the scenery basis. Which is something that I always enjoy and look forward to, because you really do get a sense of the whole project coming together. Although I'm still not finished as I would like to add a little bit more which in turn would give it a more urban feel, for example car's that have been abandoned and destroyed, as well as some industrial plant. All of which are easily to get a hold of with cheap toy's that are available in £ shops locally.


  1. Wow you have great terrain, are you going to paint over the card bits, or just paint the bulkheads and the bases?

  2. Very nice. It's coming along quite well isn't it? Bit by bit, piece by piece, you're getting there. Where do you get your paint supply from? GW? Or somewhere else?


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