Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Converted Ork Nob Bikers unit.

Well for some Nob biker's mightn't be anything new, but for me this is the first time I've ever tried to convert them on bikes, and overall I'm very pleased the way they have turned out. There's something about the old bike models that in every sense is a true classic, and now a days somewhat overlooked.

So from the start I didn't exactly know if it could be done but it turned out to be very simple, I used a mix of black reach nobs and also from the Nob box set that GW sales.

I have already done a ork pain boy you can see him here for yourself before but I wanted to do something a little bit different than normal, this was the only head that I thought that was appropriate for such a model as it does show off some surgery of some kind which is handy considering.

Quite a simple dirty syringe conversion, I think I could do better, but with time being limited, sometimes doing something simple is just the best option.

As always I do try to create movement within the model to try and turn them into a mini diorama and this was no exception as I think it's definitely justified and adds movement to the overall effect of the unit, on the tabletop.

Below is the first, PK within the unit and I definitely wanted him to stand out. As you can see, I have modelled it so the bike is coming down on its front tyre, which makes him look like he's about to cleave someone in two.

By the look of it the second has already his target in his sights.

 I think in this picture you can see that the old bikes really do complement the new nob models, and I was actually very surprised how well they work together, so like any wedding there should be something old something new something blue, well more like red.

And finally considering they have a 4+ cover save, I modelled the exhaust fumes. Hopefully in the near future I'm going to post up a tutorial how to do it for yourself, 

So by no means are these guys finished as I still have a lot to do before they can get primed and painted, so until them, make sure you stay tuned for the next update.


  1. Very awesome. Very nicely done. I especially like the guy who disregards minor issues like steering in order to get that swing in!

  2. Very nice, although to be honest I perfer the new bikes, but that doesn't take anything away from some very nice conversions.


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