Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Ork Converted Painboy

So here he is finally finished and I must admit I'm really happy with the results, from the outset I really want him to come across as if he was already operating on nearby victims, something that comes across very easily when the model he stands in the unit.

I think he needs some little helpers running around to his feet, to make him look more dangerous to the other nearby.

maybe a little bit more green stuff to do to make more scars

from this angle you can see I have used a space marine backpack which works very well in giving the model much-needed size

What I have learned
Not very long ago when the old ork book was out, I converted a unit of ork cyborgs, and I think I'm going to finish the project making them into a new 12 ork strong truckaboy squad with a converted ambulance as their transport. I will also do a new painboy as the nob.

What I would do differently
In this project he's not very big, and as you will no doubt know, big is best so in the future I will probably do a another one which is a little bit more menacing height wise.


  1. Looking good! The cyborks would be cool as a trukka boy mob! I think the arms race between the guard and orks is back on!!!

  2. Also loving the new banner!

  3. I'm digging that mix of parts too. It's an excellent model.

  4. Thanks guys for your comments and AJ yes the arms race was never off


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