Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How To Make Ork Rokkit Buggies From Deffkoptas Tutorial (Part 2)

Hobby life at the minute is a bit hectic, considering I have a lot of projects, that I'm currently working on but I think these take centre stage at the minute, and with a tournament on the horizon I am eager to get them finished.

Having already completed 3 of them the rest arrived in the post a few days ago and I am eager to do them quicker than the first set so I thought I would go into a little bit more detail on exactly what to do.

In the above picture using a hobby saw cut these bits off but keep them handy as you need them later

Once complete stick on your cylinder plastic card also cut the small wings that are at the back of the Deffkoptas,as they make good feet rests.

These are 3 that I have already finished and it doesn't take very long to do once you get an assembly line up and running it's almost just as quick to do all three together rather than individually.

Using the bits that you cut off at the start you can easily convert them by sticking them onto the back of the Deffkoptas. So take a look at the pictures to see what I've done also the one at the very top I kept the fan, by not cutting it off, which makes them a little bit more unique. I also added plastic card to make the exhaust bigger which I feel gives them a little bit more bulk.

So there you have it, probably not the best tutorial you will come across online, but by having a good look at the above pictures you can easily see what I have achieved so hopefully I'll have 9 completed very soon.

I do not have enough of the original GW wheelies to complete the project so I'm going to cast them as soon as possible and hopefully I'll post up my results when I get some time.


  1. Maybe could have done with some more pictures but even saying that it isn't a bad tutorial by any stretch of the imagination. It's a nice conversion of a model that can be found relatively cheaply and turned it into something that's at least useful.

    Nice job ;-)

  2. Dude! I'm loving these buggies! They look.. just.. oh.. so.. perfect. It's a shame they are all using the Deff Kopta model for a chassis.

    I want to run a unit of 100 deff koptas with twin-linked rokkits in an Apocalypse game.

  3. Hello Skarvald the Troll-faced

    that's the whole point is they are relatively cheap on eBay and this just goes to show how easy conversion, hopefully you'll see what I mean when there painted

  4. Hey there, United! I'm actually in need of a few "rotor blades" or whatever the spinning bladez are called. I noticed that you're not using them? Would you be interested in selling/bitz swapping them for something?


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