Sunday, 9 October 2011

How To Cast Resin Tutorial Part 1 What Materials You Will Need

For me this is been an aspect of the hobby that I have definitely wanted to try out, for quite sometime now. As I have seen it done a couple times online also a very good friend of mine has recently played about with the idea of casting little bits and pieces for his army. So not wanting to be left behind in the arms race with him, it was about time that I got my own stuff to get these projects well underway.

It took a little bit of time sourcing online for the materials that I needed. The biggest problem was shipping as they can generally are very heavily and can be quite expensive to send in the post. So while searching eBay we came across grp supplies a local company based in Belfast Northern Ireland. Just a few miles from where I live, so with a little persuasion me and a good friend set out for a short car journey to see what we could come across. 

They were extremely friendly when we got there, and the advice that they give us on how to get started was valuable information, that hopefully we will put to good use, and we will definitely be coming back to get more stuff if needed.

 In the pictures I bought 1 kg of casting resin which is more than enough and for the price it was quite good going for £8.00 hopefully this will be more than adequate for the projects that I have coming up. 

Next we needed some RTV synthetic rubber, basically this is the stuff that's going to make our rubber moulds. I decided to go for another 1.1kg after all you do not want to run out. 

 hopefully when set it will cast see-through, it was also recommended that you can put die in your resin so technically you could make it black which in turn would make it easier when it comes to paint

These are the hardener and catalyst that you will need for both your resin and rubber RTV which makes them set at room temperature quite potent stuff definitely keep out of reach of children.

so there you have it hopefully this will keep me occupied for the next few weeks, and I will update my blog with more information when it happens.

 So feel free to ask questions in the appropriate box above.


  1. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress on this, I was considering doing some casting myself but, like yourself, was put off by the high P&P, in many cases it was more than the products themselves.

  2. Same here, I've always wanted to know about this, but never really knew WHAT to ask!

  3. Definitely will be watching out for updates on this...


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