Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How To Cast Resin Tutorial Part 2 What To Cast (Gatling Gun Big Shoota)

So having got all the material that I needed quite recently, it was time to think about what I was going to cast, and of course it turned out to be an easy decision, considering I need to make 9 big shoota's for my Killer Kan's, and I really couldn't be bothered doing all 9 individually scratch built so I made 1 instead, and hoped to cast the other 8.

So with that in mind I set about going to work, overall it was a very easy conversion to do, as I simply used a old second edition ork Big stoota model, that I had lying around, from probably the start of my gaming hobby but as I say never throw anything out as you will never know when you might need it.

I would recommend that it is important to spend as much time as you physically can on such a project as it will no doubt payoff when it comes to casting.

Looking back I'm really glad that I spent the time, I did doing all the little extras hopefully it will pay off.

Below you can also see a good view from the side you can just imagine the barrel spinning like a Gatling gun.

So as you can see very easy, I'm also thinking about what else I'm going to do in resin, as I think I need some wheels for my war buggies, and the GW ones I feel it will do quite nicely,
just make sure you don't tell anyone


  1. There are a couple of questions here that I want to ask based on some rudimentary "knowledge" I have about casting, mostly to see how you have thought about overcoing some issues:

    First and foremost;
    1. The fine details that you have modelled are great, but do you think that you might have issues casting it all? (in the sense that it goes off in different directions so a simple "pouring" mould won't allow you to take the cast piece out of the mould intact).

    So leading on from this: a) What is your solution for this? multi part cast? maybe a flexible mould? ??

  2. Thank you for your questions oink and yes I have the same concerns although most moulds are very flexible so hopefully that shouldn't be a problem getting them out.

    And you'll also be surprised with the detail that can be achieved hopefully, I will post up my results very soon.

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