Monday, 11 November 2013

My Man O' War empire fleet now with Wolfships, and some Hellhammers.

Yet more success on eBay today, from the start I wasn't really interested in the cards that were on offer, it was more the ships especially as some of them were quite hard to find and very expensive namely the Greatship, Wolfships, Hellhammers, and I know that they don't look great but once I get them in the post, they'll soon be put in seaworthy condition. Plus I'm hopefully also going to do a pirate warband, which will hopefully fly the Jolly Rogers very successfully with all the extra ships that I have managed to pick up in recent days, and it makes my 8 year, old son very excited to finally be the captain of something.


  1. Those ship cards have transported me back to my childhood. I never played MoW, but that imagery is lodged in my head. I hope your gaming's fun!


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