Sunday, 10 November 2013

Man O War it's time to take to the high seas.

I'm actually still quite in shock, as I managed to pick this up on eBay for practically nothing, so it looks like over the next lot of weeks I will be taking to the high seas. So make sure you have your peg leg ready, and stay tuned to the blog to be regularly supplied with updates. Man O' War will bring back so many good memories for me, when I was a youngster, and I'm hopefully going to rekindle some of my youth with friends and family. I'm already looking all over the Internet for much-needed inspiration in regards to the way, I'm going to make and model all my new ships. In 1993 when it was released it was such a golden period for GW, and it saddens me greatly that I left behind whilst moving for my last house my older copy of the game, but it also gives me the opportunity to pick one up on eBay. something I'm very pleased about, hopefully when the post man comes nocking this week, I will have more pictures to share. Christmas has definitely came early for me..

Happy days!! Is it possible to be so excited for a game that's nearly 20+ years old?

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