Sunday, 12 August 2012

My 500pts Ork Combat Patrol List

So with the new 40k 6th rules been released, I thought it might be a good idea to organise, a small 500pts 40k in 40 minutes Tournament with my local gaming group North Down Gamer's Hub that we can easily do in one nigth. It's not competitive, it will just give us the opportunity of playing 3 quick games that will in turn will give us the opportunity of learning the new rules.

Many moons ago, back in 4th Edition Warhammer 40,000, there was another mode of play called Combat Patrols, or 40k in 40 Minutes. Since then I haven't managed to find an updated rules-set for similarly small-scale games, so I figured with the release of 6th Edition I'd give it a go myself. Back in those days the point size for Combat Patrols was set at 400, but I felt that 500 may be a better size in this latest version of the game. With that in mind, I read through the rulebook and came up with the following changes to the main rules to better fit this small format:

Combat Patrol forces are 500-point-maximum, no Allies armies chosen from one in-print 40K Codex which *must* have at least one core Troops choice; the remainder of the Force Org can be chosen from a maximum of one HQ choice (maximum 2 Wounds, no 2+ Saves), vehicles with a maximum AV of 34 (adding Front, Rear and Side Armour [once]), and units which do not exceed 2 Wounds and do not include 2+ Saves. A Combat Patrol Commander figure must be identified; this will be the HQ choice if taken, or a unit leader otherwise. The HQ choice will be able to roll on the Warlord chart for this event if ordinarily eligible to do so. Fortifications *may* be chosen for this event as part of the player's 500 point force, as per V6 rules.

Each player’s Combat Patrol is limited to 500pts with a unique Force Allocation Chart:

0-1 HQ
1-3 Troops
0-1 Elite
0-1 Fast Attack
0-1 Heavy Support
0-1 Swing Slot (can be used as a bonus slot for any one other type)

So if you live in and around the Bangor area in Northern Ireland and you might be interested in taking part check out the events page on Facebook

So with all that in mind here is what I'm thinking of taking

+ HQ +

    * Big Mek
        Choppa, Shokk Attack Gun

+ Elites +

    * Lootas
        5x Loota

+ Troops +

    * Ork Boyz
        20x Boy Shoota
        * Nob
            Big Choppa, Bosspole

+ Fast Attack +

    * Dakkajet
        (Waagh! Plane)
        2 Twin-linked supa shootas, Additional twin-linked supa shoota

+ Heavy Support +

    * Big Gunz
        * Big Gun
            2x Grot Krew, Kannon
        * Big Gun
            2x Grot Krew, Kannon
        * Big Gun
            2x Grot Krew, Kannon
        * Runtherd
            Grabba Stikk

Created with BattleScribe

So there you have it what do you think, it's got some interesting units and things that I've never played before, and it will give me much-needed motivation to get things painted up ready for tournament.

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