Friday, 20 July 2012

My FORGE WORLD Dakkajet Part 2 How To Make It's Own Flyer Stand

So following on from my previous post, in this one I'm going to update yourselves in regards to progress, that I am making in regards to it's stand.

Of course like everyone I could just simply go out and buy one from GW, but as always the cheapest option for me was to do it myself. I already made a stand some years ago, but the GW one look's so much better and slightly smaller I thought it was about time that I would do my own. So to start things off it was quite simple just simply drill a hole and have some cylinder plastic card available. Just make sure you angle it when sticking it down, after all you want to make it look like it's flying through the air.

You can pick up these see-through cylinder stands at any local craft shop for next to nothing.

All the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

Just make sure it fits, as it makes it durable whilst playing and it's important that they fit very snugly.

All I will need to do is fill in the hole with some green stuff and it's job done.

So there you have it nice and simple.

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