Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My New Warboss And Nob Bike's Conversions

With 40k 6th edition released there's no better time to start nob bikers, accompanied with a new war boss. So with that in mind I started converting more of these bad boys to add to my collection. So below you will see some of the most recent pictures I have taken of the project in hand.

it's always important to have a good boss pole.

from the back you can see all of his most recent trophies.

and no Ork warboss would be without his trusted companions, if there is such a thing should.

I'm really pleased the way they have turned out so far, especially with the boss Pole, as I have taken it of the trucks sprue, so I have finally got a purpose for it after all. also if you look a little bit closer I have model nails onto their boss Poles, which I will use as a rank structure, i.e. the more you have the higher up you are with in the gang.

below you can see that I still am midway converting a big shoota on this guy.

And there you have it short and sweet this time but I think the pictures speak for themselves, so if you have any suggestions or questions don't forget to ask them below.

So before you go can you guess what clan these guys are from?


  1. hose look great! I love the exhaust pouring out of the tail pipes, they really have a great sense of motion to 'em. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Very cool stuff mate.

    I like how you did the exhaust. How did you manage to keep the clump foliage in place? Mine was a a pain in the arse to do.

  3. Nice conversion! I'm the owner of the wargame news and terrain blog on which you recently posted. I sthere some way I can contact you?

    Best regards


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