Sunday, 2 October 2011

How To Make Ork Rokkit Buggies From Deffkoptas Tutorial (Part 1)

So as with most projects I have been wanting to do this one for quite some time as I was originally inspired by a couple of good articles online, so make sure you check them out to see them for yourself as there is some really good tips and hints below.

So with a free afternoon at my disposa today, it was hobby time and I was keen to get my next project up and running ASAP.

 I'm really pleased the way they have turned out as you can just imagine the orks speeding around the battlefield, eagerly trying to find their next victim or should I say target.

Also making one firing a rocket just makes them a little bit more creative as it's a technique that I've used before, and overall it seems to work quite well this time around.

most of the model has been simply conversions,  which all make it stand out from the norm. 

  I also for the first time incorporated some Lego that my son had lying around something I'll definitely do a game in the future especially the little grill under their feet. I also haven't decided exactly what the little propeller is parring it's probably a light of some sort.

As with all my projects I like to make them individual and have tried to convert them different which is easily achievable with the likes of exhausts pipes, 

The underneath was probably the hardest bit to do and it took me a little while to figure it out but by using some cylinder plastic card which doubled as a Chasse, it didn't take too long to have them up and running.

 The bottom line is have a go there's no rules and sometimes it's just a matter of having a idea in your head and just seeing what naturally comes about . 

Also make sure you use the ideas and questions box at the top of my blog , it means that I can speak directly to yourselves after you've left the comment.


  1. Those wheels fit wonderfully. Are you going to do all 9 like this? I've got a few more of those wheels if you need em!

    Love the big chunky axles. They look really cool!

  2. Awesome stuff... I once did a trike for my painboy but stupidly I managed to sell it for a lot :P


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