Monday, 26 September 2011

What Arrived In The Post Today, Wyrdstone Mines Bases Product Review

So, probably the best bit of any new army project is searching the internet for much-needed inspiration to see what little bits and pieces you can pick up, that in turn makes it stand out on the tabletop, and it wasn't long before I came across these resin bases on eBay. 

Fantascape™ is a new and expanding range of scenic bases for wargaming. Cast from high quality poly resin, the bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to compliment some of the most popular gaming systems available. There are currently 3 ranges of Fantascape™ Scenic Bases. These will be expanded upon over the coming months, with new ranges being added regularly, along with the introduction of some beautiful pieces of scenery.

Wyrdstone™ Mines
Anyone venturing into these ancient and long-forgotten Dwarf catacombs will discover that the once-sturdy flagstones are now smashed and decaying.

These broken floors are now littered with fallen props and planks, and scattered here and there you will find fragments of mysterious Wyrdstone™.

If you're lucky you may even spot a large Wyrdstone™ outcrop or two, but if you're scavenging for the strange glowing crystals beware..... don't be tempted to lift one of those old trap-doors, as the scurrying and skittering of innumerable sharpened claws has been heard to echo up from the depths..... 

As you can see from above I spent about £30 pounds which in turn gives me a good start point with everything I need to get started.

This is the first time that I have ever purchased such items and was a bit nervous considering the price as it's not the cheapest option, but considering the Skaven models can be purchased online very cheaply it all balances out.

I also really like the way the tiles on the floor make it look like they are collapsing inward as if something very heavy has walked across them.

So what's the conclusion I must admit I'm very impressed overall the quality speaks for itself, and they really do look good when put together. There is a few disadvantages using resin bases namely having to clip all your models feet, although it takes a little bit longer I feel the look is definitely justified with a small investment of time. 

The good
Look absolutely amazing when finished and painted
You can pretty much guarantee your the only one to have them.

The bad
Can be quite expensive although postage is free
A little bit more time spent attaching and clipping your models onto their bases. 

Final thoughts
Although not for everyone I would highly recommend them and am really looking forward to get the project up and running

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