Sunday, 11 September 2011

ETC League 1 Battle Report Ork V Death Wing 1500pts

So, last week me and a very good friend headed off to Lisburn Gaming Club for the day, to try out our new ETC league system.

Basically every time you play a game of 40K using the ETC scenarios you work out victory points and tournament points, and your best five results go toward your overall ranking in the league. It also gives us much needed practice in regards to using the scenarios in the ETC as we hope to attend a tournament in a few weeks time at Arkam Gaming Centre.

Although there is a few rules and exceptions you can only play the same opponent twice in the same day and you must swap armies to make it fair. Also, after each game you must post a report to qualify your results on your blog within 7 days. Which in turn gives it a little bit of rivalry and smack talk.

 So that's what we ended up doing, and this is a quick battle report of my first game.

The game was 1500 points using

primary objective- Seize Gronud
second objective-Annihilation
deployment- spearhead

My pretty simple and straightforward basically Kan wall list 

Michael on the other hand took a very mean death Angel list.

The table in all its glory- some quite good fire points for Michael, I thought!

Table was very simple and straightforward.We rolled off to see who got the site with Michael winning and you can see his deployment below keeping everything in the centre maximising his first report.

For me this is when I made one of the biggest mistakes; deploying so closely together which ultimately give Michael the advantage when he started to fire his blast weapons. 

 Michael for a couple of turns successfully fired his ordnance and then moved back as I advanced. He then sent a squad of terminators into the fray.

On the other side things really did go bad for me, Micheal maximised his fast support with his land speeders to pretty much destroy that whole flank and with the advance of the terminator squad it only got pretty worse.
You can also just see in the far corner of the picture the advancing deep striking terminators from last turn. From behind my lines  he tried to serve and deliver the final blow in the next turn.

So the only option I had was to move forward and try to steal and hold the middle objective. And with six kans and a load of boys I was feeling pretty confident. Also you can see the terminators eagerly trying to get into combat.

This is where the game really started to turn in Michael's favour. With the arrival of his deep striking terminators they rolled really good results when moving through difficult terrain which meant they could get into combat. Another bit of good  luck for Michael!

So back to the centre point where things really started to heat up.  I easily took care of one squad of terminators that were sent in to try and see if they could hold off until reinforcements arrived but without success they were very easily butchered.

On the other side the flight was completely destroyed as Michael still managed to drop ordnance to try and soften up the works before reinforcements arrived.

Not really much to say, as the picture speaks for itself. Its just that the Orks just ran out of momentum although below I did manage to kill some vindicators in combat with the kans.

So with the tide finally turned. Things pretty much went from bad to worse.  I was pretty much going to be tabled by turn five. Although  I have managed to keep my Gretchen in reserve as they hadn't arrived to come on so hopefully I could steal a little objective. Knowing that the battle was over the Orks started to run away to fight another day.

Pretty devastating as Michael swept the board. 

And probably the best bit in the game- Michael had completely forgot about the Gretchen coming on, which they did on the final turn and he assumed that he was about to table myself forgetting about the objective. Knowing this he moved everything forward to try prevent me claiming one so with them coming on I managed to contest, failing that I could have very easily won. I could have got the primary objective.

So that was it, probably not the best battle report you'll ever read but then it is what it is. I really enjoyed the day and after this game we played our second round swapping armies which I hopefully will post very soon.

So my first game resulted in-
We managed to draw the primary objective which resulted in 4 points each, thanks to my Gretchen, no one had the second objective, I scored 527 victory points. Michael scored 1460 victory points which meant in tournament points I scored 6- Michael scored 14.

Looking back with Michael forgetting about the Gretchen he could've easily scored 20 tournament points, if he had of managed to kill everything and tabling me but ultimately it was not the case.


  1. He has three Vindicators? Sorry to say but I'm glad he won haha. Everyone needs three Vindicators to make there life better. Great batrep mate.

  2. The 3 vindicators arn't actually all that great, they did work a treat this game but that was mainly due to toms orks being crammed together in a rather "pie me" fashion :) on the whole though they don't really make their presence felt enough to be worth 390 pts.

    Its also worth mentioning that Tom was 225 pts down as he forgot to deploy his 3 squads of lootas ^^ we only realised this half way through our second game when someone commented on the orks being a tad small ^^ so all in all not the rout for the DW that it may seem but acctually quite a close run game with a few lucky rolls that tilted it in my direction :)


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