Monday, 26 May 2014

Lludus Gladiatorius arena in a tin.

There is a lot of examples online, of other gamers doing something very similar and bearing in mind that I thought it was an excellent idea I had no other option but to give it a go.

I decided to put formboard inside the walls, of the tin and then apply some plaster to them. I also use some sticks from the garden, as I thought it would keep it in character and a little bit more in the theme of the gladiatorial arena, in some distant land somewhere back in days gone past.

The entrance was made from cocktail sticks and some wood that I had lying around in my bits box, also matchsticks came in very handy for the door itself.

For the hexagons themselves I simply cut them out of a cereal box, and applied PVA glue some sand, let them dry completely, and then glue them in place. As this would make them stand out a little bit more when I glue sand into the gaps. As you can see in the pictures below.

Pretty much job done, and it looks like the gladiators are already starting to get some much needed practising.

So from the very start to finish this was very enjoyable and rewarding, now I just have to decide what colours I'm going to use when I finally get round to painting it.

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