Saturday, 2 November 2013

My 1st X-Wing Battle Report

With X-Wing becoming rather popular in my house with my son, it was about time that I did my first small, battle report in regards to tonight's game. Below you can see the lists that we were using. As I was taking on playing with the Empire, and my son was taking on the challenge of being the rebels. Now from the start it's not going to be all the bells and whistles, it's just a overview of what happened on the day.

The fluff
The game was set just after the film a new hope, when the Death star had just been destroyed and the rebels were making their way home, and in a last-ditch attempt they are ambushed by what was left of the remaining Empire forces nearby.

Keeping in theme I wanted to try something completely different and go for a smaller number of models. But on the other hand my son is pretty attached to his millennium falcon at the minute, so with that being said the tide was set for a very fun interesting game.

So nothing too fancy just a light-hearted fun game, don't be fooled by the below picture as my son can easily get very competitive, although I have been trying to work with him over recent months to enjoy the more fluffier side of things. And for him not to get too upset if he loses.

From the start my son decided that he would separate his millennium falcon and X-Wing, I think looking back something I don't think he will do in the near future. As it allowed me to focus directly on Skywalker for a single turn.

As he was easily destroyed, A lesson that I think he will no doubt remember.

So with only the millennium falcon left it was always going to be uphill for my son, although nonetheless he was still very excited about taking on the challenge.

But unfortunately over the next subsequent turns it was clear that the millennium falcon suffered quite a lot of damage at the hands of my Tie fighters, as we decided that the millennium Falcon returned back to base, just before it finally blew up.

I learnt so much, as my whole movement was completely wrong for the entirety of the game, every single turn my Tie's fighters managed to bump into each other. Which can be extremely frustrating although my son thought it very amusing.

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