Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My FORGE WORLD Dakkajet Part 4 How To Make It A Little Bit More Unique, and I am nearly finished

So I thought it was about time that I uploaded some more pic's, of what progress I have made over the last couple of days, and as you see it is definitely coming along.

From start to finish the project has been really enjoyable and he is starting to come to life, so hopefully you will agree and check out the pictures.

These are actually Forge world fuel tanks that a very good friend of mine give me, not so long ago. So they have definitely come in handy.

The big man himself in all his glory, I'm really looking forward to getting him painted up.

 I decided to add a some plastic card around the cockpit as there was gaps showing.

So I think he's nearly finished and in my next post and going to start painting. I haven't quite decided what colour he is going to be but I'm sure whatever it is he's going to stand out.

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