Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Orc BloodBowl Team

I thought it was time to work on a new team and since I've got loads of ork models taking refuge in my house, I thought there was only time to put them to good use So here's the idea I think I'm going to use the black reach Nobs as Black orks line man will simply be 40k ork converted with hats, armour etc. Blitzers are a little bit more tricky need your help? Throwers will simply be 40K ork models with less armour.

My team is definitely coming along nicely and overall I'm quite pleased with the results so far. For me the biggest thing I'm trying capture is I want them to look very nasty looking.

Still a little bit to do with the 4 Blitzers

It's changed a little and I'm especially pleased with the armour. I think overall it's an improvement from the spikes that you can see in the first few pics. 

As well the black orcs look especially menacing in size and were definitely the right option.

Also there are armour had to be just right something I haven't done before and on the whole not looking too bad it just goes to show that plastic card can be underrated. All so need to pick up more orks nobs on eBay shouldn't be too expensive.

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